Areas of Knowledge Tok.

The Themes are essentially managed entireties of Shared Information portrayed by explicit point and strategies for interest. Subjects are socially gathered and join the Systems for Knowing in different nuanced mixes. 

The individual Themes have continued and have made. They have shared properties and contrasts which are essential to pinpoint including: express insider vocabulary, principal questions and driving forward open demand or edges. 

From the TOK point of view the Themes wrap the Scholastic Trains similarly as Religious and Indigenous Information Frameworks. 

Points Structure: 

1. Expansion/Applications

2. Contemplations/Language

3. Technique

4. Real progress

5. Relationship with Individual Information


1. Ordinary SCIENCES 

Is there a rational method? 

Nature: a contribution with a genuine science diary.


Draw history (counting cubist history)

History isn't what occurred.

3. Science


The remarkable event of coherent enlistment

Chess calculation

This Presentation is False

Platonists versus Formalists made task.

4. Explanations of the human experience

Non-phonetic sorts of portrayal: Shostakovich eighth string social occasion of four

Picasso's untruth and Coleridge's restless suspension of suspicion

Rembrandt self pictures

Duchamp's Wellspring and Confine's 4'33''

The estimation of workmanship.


5. INDIGENOUS Learning Structures

Depicting "indigenous"

Nacirema intelligent examination

What may we have the ability to get from standard social solicitations?

Exorcizing social relativism

Indigenous themed oral introduction.

6. Morals

Are morals and good quality a relative thing?

The seven deadly sins

Trolley Issues

Moral lodgings

Vera Drake: favored individual or progressive executioner shaping errand

Asch and Milgram tests


Gorilla language and personhood.

7. ReLIGIOUS Information Structures

Prologue to the Assortment of Religious Experience

A predictable picture

Segregating religion/religiosity from individual assurance

Association with radical secularism

Zen TOK.


Isaiah Berlin's pluralism shaped task

Colossal five identity properties

The 10 most squeezing world issues

bio of Atoms

         Atoms Each issue is included little particles are known as particles,    These particles can't be made, obliterated or ...