Which other country's culture is most similar to the Culture of India?

The more I voyaged, the more commonplace the place felt. Natural to India, that is. Presently what could be comparative among Mexico and India – nations that are isolated by seas, and with various chronicles, races and societies? 

Mexican banner at Merida's downtown area.


Hint 1: We are "darker"

Most of Mexicans and Indians are brought into the world with a tan. SPF 15 will do nothing. My Mexican couchsurfing host said that he was never troubled by touts in India. What's more, I was mixed up as a nearby all the time as well. What to do?

Piece of information 2: We talk. A great deal

When I requested headings in Russia and in the event that they didn't have the foggiest idea, I was just told a "Nyet" and the individual left. Not in Mexico! On numerous occasions, at whatever point I asked straightforward things like "Does the combi stop here?" the answer went on until the end of time. Individuals talked regardless of whether they didn't know the appropriate response. Before I knew, I was discussing my age, revealing to them why Indians wear a blemish on their temple and getting welcome to visit their homes. Ok, about that –

Piece of information 3: We welcome individuals… and our families are tremendous

How would you characterize a family? All things considered, I once got welcomed (by somebody I met at the transport stop) to a 'family' festivity. I was wonderfully shocked to see aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandmas, neighbors, old companions and notwithstanding visiting couchsurfers incorporated into "family." Come, share, eat, appreciate, it's for everybody! I was so contacted by their neighborliness!

Loungers, naturally woven

Piece of information 1: Collectivist

I got into a very swarmed chicken transport recently and the driver was all the while constraining more individuals in. Much the same as India, transports in Yucatan appear to have endless limit. A lady boarded with a major sack and an infant. The infant was given over to the grandmother sitting by me while the sack was pushed on my lap. What other place may this occur?

Intimation 2: Time

I was heading off to a gathering once and I arrived instantly at 17:30 according to the welcome The host asked me, "What are you doing here so early?" Other individuals arrived behind schedule… very late. "It's tied in with hanging out and having a discussion," my companion said shrewdly, "not about proficiency."

Piece of information 3: Hues and celebrations

Dynamic dresses, bright nourishment, amazing bubbly adornments and swarmed festivities. I imagine that the best time to entertain oneself socially is amid celebrations. More is always better, come join the festival! I wound up taking an interest in a holiday that finished with huge amounts of road sustenance.

Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan

Piece of information 1: Structural marvels

In the event that you have visited the Chichen Itzas of Mexico, or Taj Mahals of India, you recognize what I am discussing. The landmarks and sanctuaries are gigantic, regularly overpowering, and brimming with complicated subtleties. Also, gracious, a few of these were built about a couple of thousand years prior.

Hint 2: European states

India was to the English what Mexico was to the Spanish. I won't state much else!

Mexico City's bustling noteworthy focus

Sign 1: Boisterous and swarmed

I know somebody who visited India and wore earplugs all their time in Delhi. Indeed our urban areas are an ocean of mankind: uproarious, swarmed and littered. Regardless of how riotous it looks, there is a request and it is endless how the urban areas work at multiple times their structure limit (what's that?) While I was baffled that Mexican drivers don't sound as energetically, their turbulent driving (abilities) made up for the lacking blaring. 

Piece of information 2: Stray creatures

I should state that Mexico has a great deal of making up for lost time to improve in such manner. I could just spot stray puppies and felines. Where did the dairy animals go? Ok, in the burritos maybe… That conveys us to the last theme.

Lunch in a kitchen

Intimation 1: Rotis, Tortillas, Parathas and Gorditas

These are basically the equivalent, then again, actually wheat isn't as famous in Mexico and corn is saved for cooking in India. The parathas get loaded down with vegan passage while the gorditas regularly get loaded down with meat. The best thing about the sustenance? You can eat in the city, with your hands, crisp off the cooking dish (and most likely on similar plates that was utilized by five past individuals.)

Piece of information 2: Hot and zesty

Being a self-broadcasted authority of chilies, I should call attention to that Mexican chilies are not equivalent to Indian ones. In any case, truth remains that nourishment is inadequate without a satisfactory dressing of bean stew pepper sauce or the like. The franticness goes to the following dimension – we eat our organic product with 'stew de fruta' (bean stew blend/masala to season the natural product). Envision my stun when I was served a pear as sweet in Toronto!

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