GK Questions

Basic General Knowledge questions and answers

1. Who has been selected as the new administrator of Focal Leading body of Circuitous charges and Traditions (CBIC)? 




[D] S Ramesh 

2. Who has been delegated as the acting Administrator of the Association Open Administration Commission (UPSC)? 




[D] Omi Agrawal 

3. Pappu Karki, the prevalent Kumaoni society artist has passed away. He was local of which state? 




[D] Assam 

4. India's first-historically speaking national police gallery will build up in which city? 




[D] Kolkata 

5. The Focal Cautiousness Commission (CVC) is in news for selecting Sharad Kumar as new Watchfulness Chief. According to which panel's suggestions, the CVC was set up? 




[D] K Santhanam commiittee 

6. Which nation will have the 45th G7 summit 2019? 




[D] Canada 

7. Which nation's ladies cricket group has secured the Asia Container Twenty-20 competition 2018? 




[D] Pakistan 

8. Who has won the men's singles French Open tennis competition 2018? 




[D] Rafael Nadal 

9. Which nation's football crew has lifted the 2018 Intercontinental Container football title? 




[D] Argentina 

10. Shantaram Laxman Naik, who passed away as of late, was the previous Congress head of which state? 




[D] Karnataka

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