Amber Aler

                            PENN HILLS

Police are searching for a young lady who is accepted to have been snatched by her ex, as per Penn Hills Police Chief Howard Burton.

Marjani Aquil, 16, was accounted for missing from her Glenbrook Drive home by her folks on Wednesday evening, the boss said.

Marjani is depicted as dark, around 5 feet 4 inches tall and 140 pounds, with long dark hair and blonde features, wearing a long-sleeve dim shirt, pants and tan boots.

As indicated by police, the young lady is accepted to have been stole by Jermaine Laquay Rodgers, 19, who is driving a more seasoned red vehicle.

Rodgers was condemned in December 2018 subsequent to being captured on charges of grabbing a minor in January of 2018. The capture was made by Penn Hills police.

Rodgers was condemned to one year of probation and to finish a batterer's intercession program. He was likewise requested to experience a psychological wellness assessment and have no contact with the person in question

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