A Million Little Things

Will this make a huge difference? Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) gets terrible news amid the Thursday, January 17, scene of A Million Little Things, subsequent to discovering significantly progressively about her late spouse's accounts.

The business advance that Jon took out was for a few properties he was submerged on," Katherine (Grace Park) tells Delilah in Us Weekly's selective sneak look. At the point when Delilah asks the amount he owes, she uncovers, "$18 million … and it's what you owe. Since Jon utilized your own advantages for secure the advance, when it defaults they will come subsequent to everything, including Jon's life coverage.

Justifiably, Delilah leaves in stun. Gary (James Roday), in the mean time, doesn't trust it – and doesn't need Delilah to trust it either. Notwithstanding, her displeasure has effectively assumed control.

Possibly it bodes well since this entire time I've been endeavoring to make sense of why he did this, believing I killed my significant other, that my mystery is the reason he did this – when from the beginning it was him," she says, keeping down tears. "He lied, Gary. He deceived me – to us all – and after that he couldn't live with himself in this way, he simply abandoned us with nothing – not in any case a note.

A Million Little Things show on ABC Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET — it's new night and time.

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