Why do some people send fake messages in WhatsApp?

         Why do some people send fake         
                       messages in WhatsApp?

    These fake messages are created just for the sake of jealousy and hatred towards a group or company. Whenever a business proves to be a threat for someone, it is really easy to create a hoax against someone and spread it via social media. No one can track where these messages get originated.

  There have been so many Whatsapp messages that direct you to a particular website or insist you to download an application. This eventually adds a heavy traffic on their websites because of people visiting them. They make so much money due to these spam messages.

These are the messages which get huge attention for a particular period of time due to the hot topic. Some guy getting bored hears somewhere about something and makes a long message to attract the attention in a group by adding extra stuff to it.

Some people have so much extra time with them that they make any random message and won’t ever forget to add that last emotional line ‘forward this otherwise you’ll get bad luck. Some even mislead in the medical terms while suggesting the wrong techniques and hacks.

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