Why do people use social media?

     Why do people use                          social media?


The First to note is that traditional media is the least annoying to use. This may be because of its longevity in time around, in turn, that would create a more expected experience. It is also seen as the best choice for keeping up to date with politics and political issues. This is two-pronged as it is generally the main output of traditional media but it also could allude to the fact that it is still the most trusted source.

This would make sense alongside the recent rise of "fake news" being in circulation. The main circulation route of such news is often online so people will naturally go to more traditional news sources. This can include news websites of course, for outlets like.

Social Media takes up all other attribute options in the survey. Most entertaining, one people couldn't live without and the one people spend the most time with. It goes to show that it's where people live their online lives and express every day wants and needs within that arena.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube and Snapchat fulfill almost all other general uses of the online media experience. You can now shop on Facebook as well as keep in touch with everyone you know, listen to music and watch videos on Youtube whilst keeping a tab on the celebrities you love on Instagram and twitter.

Social media has shrunk the online experience down by expanding it's access to the vast media pool that the internet offers. For now, though, politics is not going to be a trusted entity on social networks.

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