Need cheap phone plan? Airtel now offers Rs 23 plan with extended validity, Rs 35 plan .


Need cheap phone plan? Airtel now offers Rs 23 plan with extended validity, Rs 35 plan .

Apparently, the prices of the phone plans are still in a free fall. With Jio continuing its surge and adding new subscribers at a rapid pace, Airtel is now targeting users who look for value for money phone plans under Rs 50. In the new really affordable plans that Airtel is offering are the Rs 23 and the Rs 35 plan. The Rs 23 plan, however, comes without any bundled data. It is an all calling and messaging plan. The Rs 35 plan also gives some data.
First the Rs 23 plan. This plan basically extends the validity of a prepaid account and it is available under the Smart Recharge options. In other words, and this is something you will know, nowadays if you don't use you prepaid SIM for a while (say a few months) you number may get cancelled. With the Rs 23 plan, Airtel must be hoping that users will continue to extend their validity period for trheir pre-paid connection.
The Rs 23 Plan extends the validity of a pre-paid SIM card by 28 days. Naturally, in this 28 days duration you get free incoming. But in case you want to make calls or send SMS, you must already have some talk time or value into your account. Basically, you are just extending validity for your other pre-paid plan with the Rs 23 plan. If you do have some balance left from previous plan, after you recharge for Rs 23, you will be able to make calls at 2.5 paisa per second, send a local SMS at rate of Re 1 per message and send STD SMS at the rate of 1.5 paisa per message

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